Portable Radios

Precision Wireless Service offers a variety of portable radios in both digital and analog format.  Portable radios are a great way to stay in contact with anyone out in the field.  They are battery operated and can be carried on your belt and be kept on you at all times.  These radios make two way radio communications faster, clearer, and easier for any professional on the move.  Our portable radios help increase productivity by keeping all users in contact with each other where ever they are on the job.

Whether analog or digital, local or wide area, Precision Wireless Service has the portable radio solution for you that can be designed to fit any of your business needs; our solutions are simple and state of the art and we offer both UHF and VHF frequencies.  We have all the popular brands of portable radios including Kenwood and Motorola, and can design a system to fit any needs.  Call us today for a free quote.