Mobile Two Way Radios

Precision Wireless Service offers a variety of mobile two way radio choices.  Mobile Two –Way Radios are mounted inside a vehicle and are used to send voice and data messages one to one or one to many over your personal radio frequencies within a local area, city area or state.  These powerful devices are usually installed on or under the dash of the vehicle and are connected to the vehicles power.  These devices are typically used by someone who is in the vehicle at all times and do not operate away from the vehicle.  These radios are much more powerful than handheld radios and can talk a great deal further then handheld portable radios.

We offer both analog and digital mobile radios.  Our digital radios offer a variety of applications and features that can propel industries into an efficient future.  Precision Wireless Service provides the next generation of professional grade two way radio communications solutions for many industries which are proven to add to performance, productivity and value which offers your industry.