Local and on Site Systems and Products

Two-way radio equipment from Precision Wireless Service is a very effective tool in helping you and your personnel stay in contact at all times during the work day.  Instantaneous communications lets you and your managers coordinate workers, find an answer, change a schedule, turn a service vehicle around and find out where the nearest maintenance staff is located in your building or on your campus.  Alert a security officer with a push of the PTT (push-to-talk).  Call for more trucks to finish out the loads for the day during grape harvest.  Winemakers and Vineyard Managers coordinate schedules for picking.  Construction dispatchers and job foremen coordinate equipment delivery using their two-way radio system.  Concrete delivery is coordinated most effectively with two-way radio networks.  Instant communications!  No a phone calls, No ring tones, No web capabilities.  Just plain old Two-way.

Wide Area Systems (Transportation)

Precision Wireless Service offers many wide area network solutions with incredible signal quality and coverage throughout California.  We have solutions for trucking companies, logistics transportation companies, and school transportation districts.  With the new Department of Transportation Law in effect stating that any commercial vehicle operator is no longer allowed to talk on a cellular device while the vehicle is in motion, PWS has the right solution for you.  We have single and multi-site systems available depending on the customer’s needs.  Our networks allow for either analog or digital radios to be used.  Our coverage is diverse depending on your individual requirements.

We currently offer wide area coverage throughout the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, North Bay, South Bay, Sacramento and San Joaquin Valley, as well as all of California, and the networks are growing.

All locations are linked together via our digital radio seamless roaming platform which allows the radio to switch sites automatically without the user having to do anything. (No Channel Changing)   Both analog and digital radios can be linked into these wide area systems however the digital radio platforms are the way of the future and offer far more advantages for wide area coverage.

Features and benefits include:

  • All Call   (Everyone hears everything)
  • Group Call     (Department or Team Communication)
  • Private Call    (One on One)
  • Best coverage with very few dead spots
  • Crisp and clear audio clarity
  • Radio check over the air
  • Ability to Kill radio over the air if need be
  • Automatic network redundancy
  • Software applications for GPS Tracking
  • Continuing advancement in software applications
  • Computer Aided Dispatching where necessary
  • Text messaging
  • Radio and cell phone integration
  • Emailing option

Quit using cellular phones for fleet wide communications.  Our Digital and Analog 2-way radio products are faster than a phone call.

Contact us today regarding our wide-area platforms.  Our prices are very affordable.  Current customers are increasing their bottom line using these networks.