Dispatch Console Equipment


Designed to fully leverage your existing RF assets, the Mindshare console provides enhanced interoperability, network design flexibility and scalability. The Mindshare system’s quick deployment, cost effectiveness and ease of maintenance meets the demands of highly centralized and distributed dispatch networks. The Mindshare system takes full advantage of today’s VoIP and telephony technologies to ensure virtually seamless communications via Ethernet with legacy radio systems, trunked systems such as P25, DMR, NXDN, as well as telephone systems. This insures universally seamless radio communication regardless of the status of your legacy equipment, relative network design sophistication and size.

The Mindshare system is built from console-interface to radio-interface to maximize your ability to effectively manage critical dispatch functions and to maintain seamless communication. The dispatch console design and execution software operates in both Windows and Linux environments. Our user interface design software provides highly customizable screen layouts and added functionality. When used on our MAXplus hardware, Mindshare’s USB based enhanced multichannel audio system (with best of class headsets, microphones & speakers) provides an end-to-end digital connection to ensure crisp, uncorrupted voice communication across your radio network. The Mindshare MAXplus combines a processor into the audio interface unit for a complete dispatch system in the smallest possible form factor. Running the Linux version of the console software, and directly connected internally to the audio system, The MAXplus represents the most stable and capable console platform in the industry.