Repeater Options

Precision Wireless Service offers all the major brands of repeater options.  Repeaters will allow users to extend the range and overcome signal obstructions to ensure reliable communication between multiple locations or a single site.  The features offered vary from integrated data applications to analog-digital migration capabilities. Most users find repeaters extremely helpful in large buildings complexes and large property layouts like a school campus.  This is because normal radios do not have the power to talk to one another over large distances or through a number of walls in a building type situation.  Repeaters are strategically placed in locations around the area to help increase the coverage by rebroadcasting the radio signal through the repeater to everyone on the same radio frequency.  Our experts at Precision Wireless Service can help you plan out the best locations for repeaters around your property that will maximize your radio communication efficiency.  Gain the total communication coverage your organization deserves; call us today to discuss your options and repeater needs.

Kenwood Repeaters and  Base Stations

Mototrbo Repeaters and Base Stations