Kenwood USA NEXEDGE is Kenwood’s digital radio platform.  NEXEDGE provides on the fly configuration of work groups for raid collaboration with secure communications by either voice or text.  Kenwood designs these radios to meet military specs for durability and are designed with the highest audio quality which makes them easy to hear in even high noise environments.  NEXEDGE radios are state of the art and can be used in any commercial based industry.

NEXEDGE advantages include:

  • All NEXEDGE equipment operates in 25 &12.5 kHz analog and 12.5 &6.25 kHz NXDM digital modes which satisfies spectrum requirements for both today and tomorrow
Graceful Migration
  • NEXEDGE supports NXDM digital and analog modes providing a self-paced migration path which allows a transition to digital at your pace.  Transition to digital from analog at your own pace and budget.

Flexible ConfigurationsSpectrum Efficiency

  • NEXEDGE systems are configurable in conventional, trunked, and wide area trunked network operation modes to provide flexibility in meeting your communication goals.  Internet Protocol connectivity for NEXEDGE trunked sites provides wide area calling and system scalability over existing private LAN/WAN assets and commercial services.

Digital Voice Technology

  • NEXEDGE utilizes state of the art voice digitization and compression technology that combines to provide enhanced range and superior audio clarity.

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