Campus Security

Technology is becoming a crucial component in securing school campuses and increasing safety. Motorola two-way radios provide constant and reliable communications between teachers, staff, maintenance, the security team and school bus drivers, helping to head off potential threats and maintain heightened security throughout and around the campus. 

Construction and Manufacturing

One-size-fits-all communications will not work in your demanding and competitive work environment. NEXEDGE® provides on-the-fly configuration of work groups for rapid collaboration with secure communications, whether by voice or text. These sturdy radios meet military specs for durability and all are designed with Kenwood’s renowned audio quality, so, even in high noise environments, you enjoy clear communications and digital clarity guaranteed by special encryption software.


The security of both guests and staff are of equal importance and must be provided without interruption on a 24/7 schedule while accommodating ever shifting requirements. NEXEDGE® is capable of flexible, customized configuration for changing demands in work groups and the need to provide both voice and data communications. Special compression technology means clear, audible voice communications even in high noise environments and digital NEXEDGE® technology ensures extended coverage, keeping your staff in touch throughout your facility. Your property will be prepared for future narrowband operation while offering the capability to communicate now on existing LAN/WAN or commercial systems.

Public Safety

NEXEDGE® transforms the radio communications choices available to your agency, offering affordable and secure agency communications in analog, digital, trunked or wide area trunked operation. NEXEDGE® meets P25 compatibility for funding requirements because it is fully upgradeable P25 operations, while allowing you to migrate to digital on your schedule. And when the mandated narrowbanding migration is complete, your agency will already be prepared because NEXEDGE® operates on both 6.25 and 12.5 kHz digital modes. Reduced noise, secure voice communications and increased coverage areas are some of the design features of the exclusive Kenwood NXDN® digital technology.

Vineyard Applications

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