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Instant Wide Area Coverage Over LTE

The IP501H provides wide area communication using a LTE (4G) and 3G network and instantaneous communication. Individual calls, Group calls or All calls can be made the same way as a conventional two-way radio. The IP501H does not require its own repeaters or IP network, which reduces the costs of building and maintaining a wide area radio network.



3G and 4G




Output Power:


Internal SP: 400mW
External SP: 200mW

Waterproof Rating:



Communicate Effectively

The IP501H enables use of full-duplex communication providing smooth telephone style conversations. The IP501H users can talk and receive at the same time.

Multiple users in the system can initiate calls respectively. There are no requirements to check or wait for channel availability.

Priority Interrupt Calling

The IP501H supports group calls with three or more people. In case of an emergency, you can break into an on-going call to transmit an important message.

Turn a Handheld Into a Mobile

Add the optional Bluetooth® charger kit to your vehicle to make calls with the speaker microphone, while charging the IP501H. Even when the IP501H is not dropped into the BC-218, the Bluetooth® function enables you to wirelessly use the speaker-microphone.

Items needed for the car charger kit:

  • BC-218 charger cradle with Bluetooth®
  • CP-23L cigarette lighter cable
  • MBA-7 mounting bracket
  • MBF-1 mounting base
  • HM-215 speaker microphone for the BC-218

Other Features

  • High quality, clear audio using G.726 Vocoder
  • Individual, Group, Talkgroup, Multiplex Talkgroup and All calls
  • Emergency button, Lone Worker and Man Down functions
  • Vibration alert function notifies of incoming call
  • Text message reception and preprogrammed message transmission
  • Up to 500 memory address book (including Group, Individual, Talkgroup and Telephone lists)
  • Voice message recording
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LTE Transceiver

ICOM Professional Radios



Two-way Radio

2-Way Radio Communication Solutions

Phone (707) 743-3000

Save thousands for your business with wireless communications from Precision Wireless Service. Over thirty years of combined experience. Serving the Greater North Bay Area, Northern California, for over 15 years.   


Vehicle Outfitting Division

Vehicle Outfitting Division

Phone (707) 743-3000 or (707) 262-5815

Emergency Vehicle Upfitting Amber Products and Upfitting for Construction and Public Works Vehicles




Precision Wireless Service's (PWS) expertise in law enforcement and public safety vehicle installation is top of the line in Nothern California.  Our technicians have years of experience and can add a custom touch to any vehicle build.

Upfitter Clients:              

              Lake County Sheriff

              Mendocino County Sheriff

              Clearlake Police Dept.

              Calistoga Police Dept

              Healdsburg Police Dept

              Healdsburg Fire Dept

              Monte Rio Fire Dept.

              Sebastopol Police Dept

              Colusa County Sheriff

              Calistoga Fire Dept

              Coyote Valley Tribal Police

              Hopland Tribal Police


Two-way Radio and Wireless Communications Solutions

Save thousands for your business with wireless communications from Precision Wireless Service. Over thirty years of combined experience. Serving the Greater North Bay Area, Northern California, for over 15 years.
Good communications between personnel is the lifeblood of a profitable and well run company in today’s business world.  We must supply unbeatable customer service in order to stay competitive.  This is done by listening to our customers, listening to our employees, listening to our suppliers, etc.  We must also solve customer, employee, and supplier issues quickly and effectively.
Two-way radio equipment from Precision Wireless Service is a magnificent tool in helping you and your personnel stay in contact at all times during the work day.  Instantaneous communications lets you and your managers coordinate workers, find an answer, change a schedule, turn a service vehicle around and find out where the nearest maintenance staff is located in your building or on your campus.  Alert a security officer with a push of the PTT (push-to-talk).  Call for more trucks to finish out the loads for the day during grape harvest.  Winemakers and Vineyard Managers coordinate schedules for picking.  Construction dispatchers and job foremen coordinate equipment delivery using their two-way radio system.  Concrete delivery is coordinated most effectively with two-way radio networks.  Instant communications!  Not a phone calls, No ring tones, No web capabilities.  Just plain old Two-way Radio!  It will improve your bottom line!


Making your workflow easier

Precision Wireless Service specializes in Two-way Radio Solutions, i.e., portable hand held radios, installed mobile radios into vehicles, base station equipment in offices and facilities.  We also specialize in Hands-Free Cellular Car Kits and Cellular Signal Boosters, Public Safety Radio products, Wireless Vehicle Management and Wireless Vehicle Location Solutions. 

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Problem solving at lightning speed

Along with providing our many products and accessories to the end user, we service, repair and maintain everything we sell, along with complete installation services.  We come to the customer location for service and installation of equipment.  If we do not repair a unit on site, we will pick it up and deliver it repaired.  All installation is always done at the customer premise.  This saves many hundreds of dollars for the customer because they do not have to take the time and personnel to bring a piece of equipment to our facility in Windsor.

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